Umbrella / Excess Liability

Farmers Union Insurance offers personal umbrella policies that can give you financial security, protect your assets and give you peace of mind. An Umbrella is extra liability insurance designed to help protect you from major claims or lawsuits which can help protect your assets and protect your future. An Excess Liability Policy will provide liability coverage above the limits of your homeowners insurance policy, your auto insurance policy or any recreational vehicles like your boat insurance. If you would happen to go above the liability limits on your other policies, your personal umbrella would cover your assets. It also could cover you for claims that might be excluded by other liability policies. It will insure you above and beyond what your current auto, home or other liability policies might cover. It will give you peace of mind that in nearly every situation you and your family are protected.

Our rural values run deep

Farmers Union Insurance's team of hometown agents are deeply rooted in their communities.Farmers Union Insurance's family reflects a strong sense of community as we strive to make a difference in South Dakota. Whether we're assisting young people continue their education in South Dakota or supporting high school arts students and athletes, we're insuring a brighter tomorrow here at home.

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